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Assurance and Verification Practitioner's Guide

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This is one of three documents which advise on what you need to know about the regulatory requirements of UK offshore assurance and verification, and how to benefit from proactively managing hazards.

This document accompanies the relevant UK Offshore Safety legislation and explains how to develop integrity assurance and the legal required verification activities.

Legislation relevant to assurance and verification (e.g., Safety Case Regs and PFEER) is introduced and the relationship between managing Major Accident Hazards, Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards is described.

Assurance (the internal process of ensuring that SCEs meet their performance standards) and verification (the independent verification process that SCEs meet their performance standards) is explained, outlining the role of an Independent Competent Person (ICP) in verification.

Summary:  Provides the basic building blocks to support MAH management and verification. 

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