We Control Ignition Sources

One of the ten Process Safety Fundamentals

If a hydrocarbon release does occur, we can often reduce or eliminate the worst of the potential consequences by avoiding ignition. Minimising the likelihood of ignition can make a big difference in avoiding fatalities. Some sources of ignition may be quite obvious, like hot work or nearby fired heaters, but others are less clear. They can include hot work, static electricity, pyrophoric materials, ingestion into generators or other fired equipment, hot surfaces, lightning, defective electrical equipment and vehicles.

🔺 We identify, eliminate, or control the full range of potential ignition sources during task risk assessments and during job preparation and execution.

🔺 We minimise and challenge ignition sources even in“non-hazardous” areas.

🔺 We eliminate ignition sources during breakingcontainment and start-up and shutdown operations.

PSF We Control Ignition Sources Video

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