We Maintain Safe Isolation

One of the ten Process Safety Fundamentals

It is important for every activity that requires breaking containment, that an appropriate isolation plan for the specific activity is used and followed. Isolation plans should match the particular task and be based on up-to-date process safety information (e.g., P&IDs). It is good practice to discuss isolation tasks and to raise concerns before the task begins.

🔺 We use isolation plans for the specific task, based on up-to-date information.

🔺 We raise isolation concerns before the task starts and challenge when isolation plans cannot be executed.

🔺 We check for residual pressure or process material before breaking containment.

🔺 We monitor the integrity of isolations regularly and stop to reassess when change could affect an isolation integrity.

🔺 We confirm leak-tightness before, during, and after reinstating equipment.

PSF We Maintain Safe Isolation Video

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