Dropped Objects, Sweeps and Working at Height

Dropped objects and falls from height have been a frequent cause of oil and gas industry incidents

Dropped objects and falls from height have been a frequent cause of oil and gas industry incidents.

Dropped objects not only have the potential to harm our workforce, they also have the potential to harm the public. This is why it is so important to carry out a final sweep of every load to ensure there are no potential dropped objects present. The bolt that comes out of the forklift pocket, may hit a fellow worker, it may hit a supply vessel crew member, it may hit the quayside stevedore or during road transport it may hit the windscreen of the car travelling behind. That car could be your family's car.

Also, when working at height you should always ensure there is sufficient edge protection to prevent dropped objects. You must wear the correct PPE and be hooked on to a suitable anchor point. Remember, it is not the fall that kills you it is the sudden STOP!



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FILM: Peterson - Cargo Inspection Process

Continuing Step Change in Safety's Q2 safety theme of 2021, Safe Lifting Operations and Preventing Falling Objects, this film explores the subtopic of preventing dropped objects. Contributed by member company Peterson, it takes viewers through the various checks and inspections carried out for road haulage from the customer site, right through to the quayside. This demonstrates the importance of preventing falling objects throughout the supply chain and the potential impact on safety, not only to employees, but members of the public too.

Our thanks to Peterson for highlighting the key steps taken before loads even leave the quay to ensure everyone’s safety.

Dropped Objects and Working at Height Podcast

Introducing out first Safe Lifting Operations and Preventing Falling Objects subtopic – Dropped Objects. Allen Smith from the Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) shows how safety organisations can collaborate in an effective and complimentary manner to bring together best practice for the industry. Thanks to DROPS for ‘Playing your Part’.


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Film: Don’t be A Dummy

A short two-minute film contributed by Total that follows an incident prone robot carrying out a task at height. The film reminds us that ‘Humans don’t come with spare parts’ and to only use approved scaffolds, and only use anchor points on fixed structures. No humans or robots were harmed in the making of this film! Norwegian with English subtitles.

Film: Ready Player One

Contributed by CNOOC (previously Nexen) & TRAC O&G Ltd. This 11-minute film is in the format of a first person computer game. It raises the awareness of various types of potential dropped objects and how to mitigate the risk, whether that be removing, reporting or repairing.

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