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Hello and welcome to an update from Step Change in Safety.

It has undoubtedly been an unprecedented year for us all; a year that we find ourselves coming to the end of and beginning to look forward to the one ahead. COVID-19 will continue to have an impact on our lives and will no doubt be a topic we carry on exploring as we all adjust to working in the ‘new normal’.

As an organisation we remain committed to making our sector the safest place to work by preventing predictable incidents, working with our colleagues in the industry to achieve that. Collectively, we have come a long way, although we acknowledge there is more still to do.

OGUK’s recently published Health, Safety and Environment Report 2020 found that the number of hydrocarbon releases increased by a quarter during 2019, compared to the previous year.

However, the report highlighted that the number of dangerous occurrences – incidents with the potential to cause significant injury – is decreasing, although there is always scope for improvement. It also noted that reportable injuries continue to affect oil and gas industry workers and were the second biggest cause of emergency medevacs in 2019.

All of this has shaped Step Change in Safety’s plans for the coming year. In 2021, we will be introducing quarterly safety themes which will focus on different topics. Next year, the topics will be:

🔺 Q1 – Life Saving Rules

🔺 Q2 – Safe Lifting Operations and Preventing Falling Objects

🔺 Q3 – Major Accident Hazard Understanding

🔺 Q4 – Personal Responsibility for Safety

During each quarter our workgroups and support team will be producing a range of tools that will seek to engage, educate, reinforce and validate.

  • Between January and March, the focus will be on Life Saving Rules, where we will seek to engage and educate our workforce that, regardless of what these rules are called, they are effective in protecting themselves and colleagues from work-related injuries.
  • From April until June, the emphasis is on reinforcing awareness and techniques around Safe Lifting Operations and Preventing Falling Objects in order to reduce the potential for incidents in these areas.
  • In July, August and September, attention will centre on Major Accident Hazard Understanding, building on previous campaigns in order to reduce the likelihood of such events.
  • October to December will examine Personal Responsibility for Safety, where we will raise awareness and uptake in good practice around slips, trips and falls, and mental health and wellbeing education.

Our dedicated webpage will be updated in the coming weeks, and to ensure you don’t miss out on any announcements please follow us on social media – the links are below. We look forward to engaging with you throughout 2021 on these and many more topics.

Take care, stay safe and continue to #PlayYourPart

Step Change in Safety Support Team


Safety Alerts & Moments

Our extensive catalogue of safety alerts and moments is continually expanded. They are all designed as learning resources that can help improve workplace safety, with contributions remaining completely anonymous. If you know of a safety incident that the industry can learn from, you can share that with us via the website.

Safety Resources

We have established a world-class range of safety resources – including films, guidance documents, online toolkits and publications – available to download from our website. The suite of resources was expanded on during our Seven Days for Safety campaign in September. For all member companies and their employees, all of the resources are available for free.