Annual Update 2013

Annual Update 2013

The report reviews the organisation’s achievements over the last year and identifies where it will focus its attention in future. Highlights include:

Step Change in Safety co-chair Martin Ellins said: “No other industry has a body like Step Change in Safety – which brings together oil and gas companies and contractors, trade unions, regulators and the workforce. Our collective focus has been on fostering safety culture offshore to continuously improve our industry’s safety performance and continue the drive to reduce hydrocarbon releases by 50% this year – a target we’re confident of meeting.”

Fellow co-chair Ken Robertson added: “The last year has been a challenging one for the oil and gas industry and a positive one for Step Change. While the 2013 Annual Update report points to many good achievements, Step Change recognises there is much more to be done. Let’s continue to work together to implement a simplified agenda of improvements that can drive forward our industry safety performance.”

RMT’s Jake Molloy, a member of the Step Change Leadership Team (SCLT) said: “I hope this year’s Step Change update is picked up by as wide an audience as possible, as I’m convinced it will encourage greater involvement across the sector given the nature and volume of work being undertaken by the group. Only through sharing and engaging can we hope to achieve our objective of continuous improvement in safety performance and the Annual Update is the first stage in that process.”

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