Best Practice Guide to Handling Tubulars

Best Practice Guide to Handling Tubulars

The rig floor is one of the most dangerous places on a drilling rig. This document focuses on the hazards of handling tubulars on the rig floor, and gives practical advice and guidance on:

Pre-job planning: covers requirements for hazard identification, effective communication and teamwork, then need for trained and competent personnel and good housekeeping.

Toolbox talk onsite risk assessment: tips for holding effective toolbox talks and conducting comprehensive risk assessments of rig floor tubular handling activities.

Executing the job: the critical aspects of safety while handling tubulars, such as effective communication, handovers, individual competence, working together as a team, maintaining a clear line of sight for the driller, keeping the workplace clear, good practice operational procedures, maintaining awareness of the situation and the importance of stopping the job if something is not right.

Post-job analysis: guidance on workplace housekeeping, encouraging feedback and suggestions for improvement in operational practices and learning from the team's experiences.

Supervisors' tips: how to lead by example, encourage teamwork and participation of everyone involved in communicating, and understanding, assessing and controlling risks. Guidance is provided on the role of the supervisor in developing the competence of personnel through training, mentoring and assessment.

This document includes a checklist, do's and don'ts, pinch points and power tongs guidance.

Summary: How to reduce accidents associated with handling tubulars on the rig floor.

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