Boots on For Safety – Support Document

Boots on For Safety – Support Document

The original Boots on For Safety document has been revised and updated to reflect current Boots on For Safety (BoFS) site visits, and the parallel virtual Boots on For Safety (vBoFS) engagement.

Previous Step Change in Safety - Boots on For Safety campaigns have been a huge success and left a positive legacy within the industry. The recent upheaval of a global pandemic, down-manning, rota changes and the loss of workers from our industry has caused real strain within the UKCS. However, there have been some tremendous successes too, and we’ve weathered the storm, but those very successes have opened new challenges and old wounds. The engagement level of the site-based workforce is an area that some believe has suffered the most. Reflecting on the safety of operations post-pandemic – and workforce engagement and health & wellbeing being such strong themes throughout past years, the updated BoFS Support Document has broad support from the Step Change in Safety Leadership Team, the Health and Safety Executive and Trade Unions, as well as the OGUK Board.

To download the accompanying Boots on For Safety Team Notebook, click here.

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