Design and Handling of Cargo Baskets

Design and Handling of Cargo Baskets

Cargo baskets are open top containers used for general or special cargo. The number and types of cargo baskets in use have caused concern during lifting, handling operations and stowage. These factors have contributed to a number of accidents and incidents. This guidance aims to provide good industry practices to prevent a recurrance of incidents.

The document applies to the design of cargo baskets of 10m or more in length, particularly in relation to the standardisation of dimensions and stacking methods, making recommendations that are in addition to the requirements for certification of cargo baskets to international design standards (EN12079 and/or DNV CN2.7-1).

The document also provides guidance on the selection of suitable cargo baskets for the load to be transported, safe preparation, inspection, loading, cargo securing, stacking, mechanical handling and transportation of cargo baskets to and from offshore locations.

This document includes the Cargo Baskets Checklist.

Summary: This document will show you how to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with cargo basket design and handling activities.

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