Drill Floor Safety Manriding Guidance

Drill Floor Safety Manriding Guidance

Manriding is a high risk activity which has resulted in fatalities in the oil and gas industry. In 2002, Step Change published the first best practice information for manriding derricks, masts and moonpools which was fully updated in April 2016 by the IADC North Sea Chapter in conjunction with Step Change with more revisions in 2021. The guide provides information on how to eliminate the need for manriding where practical, by offering suggestions for alternative practices. Where manriding cannot be eliminated, the document provides industry best practice guidance to reduce the risks associated with manriding by providing guidance on training and competence, a standardised set of hand-signals, a pre-manriding checklist and the requirements for maintenance, emergency equipment and plans. The document also encourages the industry to document in a manriding register, including the alternative activities that have eliminated the need for manriding in the past. The download includes the Manriding Safety checklist.

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