Guidance on Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Plans

Guidance on Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Plans

In 2010, Step Change launched an initiative to cut the number of hydrocarbon leaks from UKCS installations by 50% over three years. Companies shared their hydrocarbon leak reduction plans and the guidance was published to share some of the good practices identified in individual plans.

The document describes a model for 'good' hydrocarbon release reduction plans. Each section discusses one component of a plan, and gives examples of how companies have tackled that issue in their plans.

Part 1 describes management systems and improvements that can reduce leaks, including learning from release incidents, and managing maintenance and integrity activities. Part 2 describes how organisations focus attention of leak reduction through leadership, resourcing, building capability and monitoring. The guidance is best used alongside the Hydrocarbon Release Prevention Guidance, also published by Step Change.

Summary: If you want to build a strong, sustainable plan to reduce hydrocarbon leaks from your operation, this is for you.

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