2022 Lifting & Mechanical Handling Guidelines

2022 Lifting & Mechanical Handling Guidelines

Revised and reissued in November 2022 - the guidelines are aimed at anyone involved in lifting and mechanical handling operations, particularly those who risk assess and plan these operations, and the supervisors of the personnel performing them.

The guidelines give guidance on lift planning and risk assessment and identify the correct person for each stage of the operation. A lift planning flowchart detailing who is responsible for what is a new addition to this revision. There are details on the responsibilities of the people identified in this flowchart, the actual lifting operation and categorisation of the lift and advice on the competence required of the whole lifting team. The risk assessment focuses more on the specific task hazards and less on the generic hazards. Toolbox talk guidance and human factors involved in this process are also addressed.

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Summary: This guidance will help create a safer workplace when lifting and mechanical handling operations are being carried out.

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