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We believe that by collaborating, sharing and adopting best practices, we will continue to improve the safety of the UKCS.

Welcome to our Safety Resources

Step Change in Safety and its workgroups are constantly collaborating, gathering knowledge and sharing best practice in order to promote a positive, unified safety message across the onshore and offshore workforces.

Since the establishment of our organisation, we have produced a world-class range of resources – films, guidance documents, online toolkits and publications – which are available to download and use via this website.

To search for a safety resource, either type the file name into the search feature in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or use the filters down the left-hand side of the page. Please note that you should only select one topic filter at a time and that you will have to unselect applied filters before looking for further documents. If multiple filters are selected, you may have difficulty in locating a safety resource.

For all member companies and their employees, all of these resources are available FREE. All you need to do is register on our website to get started.

  • Create an account with your work email address which should include the business domain of one of our registered member companies;
  • Once this account has been verified by Step Change in Safety, you will automatically be logged-in (or prompted to log-in) each time you visit our website and you'll receive the full benefits of your company's membership.

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If you have any queries regarding our resources, please e-mail Hard copies may be available upon request.

Human Factors Toolkit/Portal

To access the Human Factors portal click here.

Workforce Engagement Survey

To access the Workforce Engagement Survey click here.


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