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Alert ID: 
Description of Process: 

Pressure testing of a choke manifold was taking place on the pressure test bay.  Two men entered the test area to check for leaks. 

Description of Incident: 

Severe corrosion caused a thermowell to be ejected.  

Good Practice Guidance: 

A review of the risk assessment had not been conducted before performing the pressure test. 

Causes and consequences of incident or accident: 
Moving, flying or falling object
Cause and consequence of incident or accident, if not listed above: 
Contributing factor: 
Control of work


Pressure testing of pipelines should normally be carried out using water. Only in exceptional circumstances should pneumatic pressure testing using compressed inert gas or air be used,


So many occasion where I have seen this practice, do not know enough information in this particular case, but a saying I heard recently "When you fill a balloon with water and pin the ballon not much sound, When you fill a balloon with air and you pin it, it gives a loud bang the energy from the pressure"



This event happened in 2003!!!, do not understand how it got posted now as though it happened recently??? Like putting out an alert on the Macondo well fatalities now. It has value I grant you but the alert should state "historical event" or similar.

Thank you for your comment.  Although this incident did happen in 2003, we believe it is an incident the whole industry can still learn from.