Dropped Object - Safety Moment

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Safety Moment Safety Moment Safety MomentSafety MomentSafety Moment
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Alert ID: 
Description of Process: 

A lifting operation was in progress involving cabels being fed through a 40ft guide mechanism suspended from rigging. 

Description of Incident: 

A hinged roller unit dropped 40ft onto the drill floor, missing the nearest person by 4ft.  

Good Practice Guidance: 

Be aware of your surroundings and potential dropped objects.  An object of this weight from this height could have resulted in a fatality. 

Causes and consequences of incident or accident: 
Moving machinery or material being machined
Moving, flying or falling object
Handling, lifting or carrying
Fall from height
Contributing factor: 
Control of work


Although a barrier was not mentioned I have to take it that there would have been one but, on a small area such as a drill floor, how much area would you barrier off as an object falling from rigging could be swung when falling and sent further out of the estimated potential drop area