Dust and Debris Enters Eyes During Time Off Shift

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Description of Process: 

Personnel working offshore have experienced dust, debris or other foreign bodies entering their eyes whilst not wearing PPE and not at the worksite.

Description of Incident: 

In one instance, a technician was watching TV when he ran his hands through his hair and instantly felt something enter his eye.


In another instance, a technician was in his cabin after a shower, and felt discomfort in his eye before looking in the mirror and spotting a piece of metal in his eye.

Good Practice Guidance: 

Everyone must be aware that simply wearing safety glasses or goggles is not enough to completely remove all risk of eye injuries. It is important that coveralls and PPE are brushed clean before removal, and controlled techniques are used to take eyewear off. 


The following method of removal should be followed:


  1. Remove all headwear
  2. Brush hair/head with hands to remove any items of dust or debris
  3. Brush down coverall shoulders and sleeves with hands
  4. Remove gloves
  5. Lean forward and tap eye protection
  6. Remove eye protection
  • Goggles – use one hand to pull the strap away from the back of the head and the other to tilt the lower section of the goggles away from the face removing the goggles outwards away from the head
  • Safety spectacles – pull the spectacles away from the head holding them straight
  1. Lightly brush the area around the eyes in an outward manner


Additionally, eye protection should be cleaned after use and stored in a clean environment until it is required again.

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Particles entering eyes
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