Falling Object- Securing Pin from Main Block of Crane

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Alert ID: 
Description of Task: 

Deck crew were conducting general deck lifts using the port crane whip line to move an item.  As the boom of the crane passed over the vicinity above the main deck, the metal pin securing the sheave cover for the main block fell to the main deck - a height of approximately 44m. Securing pin weighed 0.6kg and measured l x 32cm, D x 2cm.

A member of the deck crew alerted the crane operator and other members of the work party to the incident and stopped the job. A time out for safety stand down was conducted.

Upon inspection of the sheave cover for the main block it was noted that a lynch pin had come loose, causing the pin which was securing the sheave cover to fall to the deck. It was also noted that there was no secondary retention for the dropped  securing pin.

Lessons Identified: 
  • Lynch pins were not suitable for the environment or the application they were used for.
  • Due to design, no secondary retention or robust securing held the securing pin in place.
  • Operator failed to identify best practice recommendations for reliable securing by allowing lynch pins to be used for lifting equipment.



Replace lynch pins with nut and thread bolt in main block

Follow DROPS Best Practice Guidelines for securing of lifting equipment

DROPS Training to be amended

Specific Equipment: 

Main Block for Crane and Lynch Pins

Incident consequence: 
Lifting, crane, rigging, deck operations
Drilling unit
Cause of accident or incident: 
Moving, flying or falling object


You can download this from their website http://www.dropsonline.org/index9dd0.html?id=1&refID=155&contentID=155