Fuel leak

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Alert ID: 
Description of Task: 

A diesel leak occurred on a section of the small bore tubing (SBT) supplying liquid fuel to one of the burners of the turbine. The leaking diesel accumulated in the turbine sump before escaping from the enclosure. Subsequent investigation found the drain of the sump to be blocked. The blocked sump contained a volume above the discrete reportable release limits for a non-process petroleum hydrocarbon.

Lessons Identified: 

Fatigue cracking of the small bore tubing (SBT) led to the leak.

Current visual bund checks are insufficient.

A secondary drain point was beneficial and installed.



Additional physical checks to be implemented to ensure enclosure drains are unblocked.

Consider fitting inspection windows on enclosure doors to allow internal inspection without direct entry.

Vibration monitoring should be performed on SBT of the turbines.

Procedures to be modified to include industry best practice for SBT.

Specific Equipment: 

Dual fuel turbine power generation

Incident consequence: 
Hydrocarbon release
Production operations
Any Location Type
Cause of accident or incident: 
Release of a harmful substance