Hydraulic Oil Leak

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Description of Task: 

On falling hydraulic oil pressure, a leak was identified from the hydraulic block on a valve relating to the control panel.  Upon inspection of the block, corrosion was seen around the port where hydraulic oil had been expelled and the plug had been blown out.

This failure mode is an issue that has been recognised by the equipment manufacturer and is documented in their safety alert issued in July 2012.  This safety alert was not received by the asset.

This safety alert stated that equipment manufactured before 2004 (this hydraulic block manufactured in 1998) should be inspected for discolouration/corrosion around the blind plugs.  Any equipment with indication of corrosion to be overhauled/upgraded with welded plugs.

Lessons Identified: 

The failure to pick up on the manufacturers safety message identifying the failure mode and inspect and change out corroded blocks  for the improved design available was identified as the root cause.

Failed block incorporated socketed ball design an upgraded version with welded balls is now available.


Compile list of similar blocks, inspect and change out as necessary for improved design now available.

Add note to maintenance routine for blocks to increase awareness and manufacturers instructions.  A copy of the original manufacturers safety notification is attached below



Specific Equipment: 

Hydraulic block on control valve,


Incident consequence: 
Production operations
Cause of accident or incident: 
Failure of vessels or pipework