Minor gas leak discovered on PV300884A

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Minor gas leak discovered on PV300884A

At approximately 17:05 a phone call was received by the Control Room Operator (CRO) from a member of the crew informing him that the H2S BM25 Alarm on the AD platform linked to alarms in 231 upper was in alarm. On receipt of this phone call the CRO requested a member of the operation crew to investigate the source of the alarm. On entering 231 upper the operations technician carried out an inspection of the area utilising a Crowcon triple meter. After carrying out a gas test of the area, the Operations Technician reported to the CRO that the area was clear and the alarm was re-set.

The BM25 again went into alarm shortly after, and again an Operations Technician was requested to investigate the source of the alarm, during the Operators investigation he noted the reading on the H2S alarm between the separators was reading higher than the others within the area. The Operator carried out a close investigation of valves within the vicinity of the H2S alarm utilizing his Crowcon meter up against the valves and flanges within the area and discovered a minor gas leak coming from the gland on PV300884A.

Lessons Identified: 


The PV300884A to be replaced

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Contact Details: 
Derek Donald - 01224851046
Specific Equipment: 

Crowcon Triple Meter Reader

Incident consequence: 
Hydrocarbon release
Production operations
Fixed Installation
Cause of accident or incident: 
Uncontrolled release of a flammable gas or liquid