Offshore lifting operation HIPO

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Routine crane and cargo transfer operation

Lessons Identified: 

Whilst the factors that contributed to this incident are by no means new or unique it is important for everyone involved in lifting operations to remember that catastrophic failures of lifting equipment can and still do occur. -The importance of risk assessing changes to an activity, in this case the change of the slinging arrangement.- This incident highlights the importance of the selection of appropriate slings for lifting operations and selection of adequate packing material to provide edge protection. Cardboard is not considered an acceptable material for the protection of fibre slings on sharp corners.- The importance of clearly defined laydown areas and avoiding storing hazardous materials in these areas or on recognised slew paths


To prevent this incident from recurring the following steps were taking;- An independant review of lifting practises- Review of competence of lifting personnel- Clearly identified laydown areas- Improved control of lifting equipment, in particular fibre slings- Clarified interface arrangements between the floatel and platform deck crews- Removed gas bottle storage from crane slew path- 24 hour Time Out for Safety with all personnel to discuss lifting operations and everyones responsibility to stop the job if they have a concern

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Step Change in Safety
Specific Equipment: 

Fibre slings

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Any Activity Type
Onshore construction/rig repair yard
Cause of accident or incident: 
Moving machinery or material being machined