Pipeline Construction - Transportation Failure

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The equipment move was considered routine and not time sensitive. The driver had 17 years of combined heavy equipment operating and trucking experience. By his employer's account, he was very competent and safety conscious reflected by an accident free record of over 1 million miles and having moved over 500 pieces of equipment over the past two years. According to the employer and co-workers, the worker knew and respected the risks associated with loading and off loading pipe layers. He had moved this specific piece of equipment at least six times prior to the incident and was using the right equipment for the job (scissor neck trailer and winch tractor). Discussions with other pipeline contractors revealed that loading and unloading pipe layers has led to many incidents over the years ranging from near miss to fatal accidents. They consider this a common concern throughout the pipeline construction industry. What Went Wrong:- Improper Loading or Off-loading Practice(s) Inadequate Risk/Hazard Assessment of task The placement of pipe layer and trailer on slight incline; the physical and operational characteristics of the pipe layer; ice and debris on beaver tails.

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This incident may have been prevented had the worker: - Scissored down the lowboy and walked the pipe layer off the front of the trailer. - Used a winch tether combined with trailer to ground blocking for unloading the pipe layer using the trailer's beavertail. - Used a fixed ramp in conjunction with the trailer's beavertail (i.e., temporary earthen ramp).

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Neil Merchant:- nmerchant@progressenergy.com
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