Potential dropped object during lifting operation

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Description of Process: 

Whilst lifting a high pressure unit (HPU) from the cellar deck to the riser bay, the unit touched another container during the pickup.

Description of Incident: 

When the load was approximately 15m above the deck the load turned and the crane operator noticed one of the stainless steel panels for the unit was loose. The crane operator immediately lowered and landed the HPU on the starboard pipe deck. Once on the deck it was noted this panel (panel 1) was hanging only by the upper left locating pin. Alongside this another panel on the same unit was noted to have lost the upper left locating pin, the decision was then taken to remove all of the panels prior to the unit being lifted again. All the panels where loaded separately into the container and the unit was lifted again without incident.


During the lift, the stainless steel cover could have fallen from a height of 15m, resulting in a fatality based on the DROPs calculator.


Investigation Findings / Learning:

Panel 1: The lift was inspected by all personnel prior to the lift by the crane operator. All removable panels locking clasps and locating pins were deemed to be secure. The current removable panel securing clasps are of inadequate design and are unable to withstand a moderate impact.


Panel 2: Removable panel locating pin was noted to be missing when the control unit was lowered back to the deck to inspect panel 1.


Root causes:

Design – inadequate design of removable panels securing mechanism


Good Practice Guidance: 

Corrective Action:

1. Modify all existing units with this type of retaining clasps within the region.

2. Formulate modification plan of all control units globally with these types of clasp.

3. Safety alert issued internally and discussed with client. Share lessons learned with industry bodies.

5.Update design specification of HPU.


Causes and consequences of incident or accident: 
Handling, lifting or carrying