Pressure release when breaking containment - Safety Moment

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Safety Moment Safety Moment Safety MomentSafety MomentSafety Moment
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Alert ID: 
Description of Process: 

A blind flange was being removed to replace corroded bolts.  The valve was connected to a system which had been previously depressurised. 

Description of Incident: 

There was a sudden, uncontrolled release of pressure when the last retaining bolt was removed.  The technician sustained injuries. 

Good Practice Guidance: 

Depressured systems can contain pockets of pressure.  This should be covered during the Toolbox Talk to ensure all the team are aware. Control of Work processes and breaking of containment procedures must be followed. 

Causes and consequences of incident or accident: 
Moving, flying or falling object
Release of a harmful substance
Contributing factor: 
Control of work