Product Safety Notice: Crosby Shur-Lock Hook

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Description of Process: 

Tote tanks were being backloaded from a rig to a supply vessel.

Description of Incident: 

During the backload of tote tanks from the rig to the supply vessel, a 16mt Crosby hook that was part of the lifting arrangement failed, causing the tote tank that was being lowered onto the deck of the vessel to drop approximately 3ft (1metre), coming to rest on the vessel’s deck in an upright orientation.

The crane’s MIPEG (crane monitoring system) was checked and the recorded load at the time of the incident was 12mt with a max dynamic weight recorded at 13mt.

The vessel’s load handlers were standing a safe distance from the tote tank when it dropped onto the deck, and therefore no injuries were sustained. 

The route from the rig’s deck to the vessel was barriered off and remained free of personnel for the duration of the operation.  

The hook and swivel were supplied and certified as a composite unit.

Weather conditions at the time were very good with wind 18kts, sea state of 1.6 significant and 2.6 maximum.

Good Practice Guidance: 

See product safety notice attached

Causes and consequences of incident or accident: