Safety Moment - In the line of fire (includes film clip)

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Safety Moment Safety Moment Safety MomentSafety MomentSafety Moment
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Alert ID: 
Description of Process: 

A crew were handling caissons (approx. 10 ton each) on an offshore installation.

The workparty consisted of a crane operator, a banksman and two load handlers.

Description of Incident: 

During the lift, a caisson swung uncontrollably, crushing and breaking the pelvis of one of the load handlers.

Good Practice Guidance: 

Assurance of competence (task verification by site leadership and external)

Stop the job empowerment and visible safety culture

Company specific procedures – effective and reviewed

Effective toolbox talk (Step Change in Safety)

Tubular handling guidelines (Step Change in Safety)

Lifting and mechanical handling guidelines (Step Change in Safety)

Safe packing and handling guidelines (OGUK)

Banksman slinger pocket handbook (e.g. NSL, Sparrows)

Causes and consequences of incident or accident: 
Moving machinery or material being machined
Moving, flying or falling object
Contact with something fixed or stationary
Handling, lifting or carrying
Trapped or crushed
Contributing factor: 
Control of work


It is like talking to a brick wall regarding telling people only the banksman to give instructions and then the banksman standing in the line of fire.


Routine tasks......Always the same MOI.