Small gas weep identified in vent line as gas introduced

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Description of Task: 

Small gas weep identified in vent line as gas introduced

4" valve from export header was opened manually to vent gas to atmosphere in line with correct procedures. Upon opening the valve it became immediately apparent that there was a pin hole in the piping just downstream of this valve (within 18") on the 4" line. The Valve was immediately closed.

Lessons Identified: 

  • Closer supervision of contractor work scopes to ensure only work requested is completed.
  • Review integrity RBI scheme and techniques available.


  • To mitigate future issues of this kind, the procedure included in the work pack has been amended to undertake Inspection following any cleaning and painting of pipework prior to being put back into service.
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Step Change in Safety
Specific Equipment: 

Pipework and fittings, valve

Incident consequence: 
Hydrocarbon release
Production operations
Fixed Installation
Cause of accident or incident: 
Uncontrolled release of a flammable gas or liquid