V-Door Extension Fell Across Rig Floor

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Description of Task: 

The work party were required to open the extension to the V door, to allow access for the Coiled Tubing Injector Head to be installed on the rig floor.

The Driller and the Lead Floorman (IP) initially attempted to push the door open, but were unsuccessful. Following a TOFS, which was conducted verbally, the work party then tried to move the section by striking the base a couple of times with a sledgehammer, but this method was also unsuccessful.

At this point they took the decision to attach the winch to the base of the door to help take some of the weight and once tension was applied to the line, they proceeded to push the door open. As the driller made his way back towards the winch to release the tension, a bang was heard as the door fell across the rig floor, coming to rest on some tubular handling equipment and trapping the IP underneath.

Lessons Identified: 

Severe corrosion to the upper hinge support and pin had allowed the pin to drop almost completely out of the locating holes on the hinge side of the door.

Due to the poor/ inadequate design of the door construction, there was no means of visually inspecting the condition and suitability of the hinge pins.

The work parties’ intention was to only take the weight of the door when applying tension with the winch, but in doing so an unknown upward force was applied.

The difficulties encountered when opening the door and the methods used to open it had become accepted/ normalised over time by crews and supervision.

Image showing corosion and remains of the top door pin