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What’s the difference? Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident, near-miss or good practice. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations which give details of an incident, near-miss or good practice, discussion questions and related resources. Please note that every Safety Alert and Moment is deliberately kept anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No companies, installations, dates or names will be identified within the Alert or Moment.

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A number of months after the PDO was reported, a member of the crew noticed a lot of insulation and cladding debris on a walkway. Upon further inspection a flange was found on an adjacent access...
14 Nov 2018
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A fire in #1 tumble dryer in the platform laundry was caused by the contents of the dryer drum (coveralls) igniting. The fire was identified by fixed platform detection systems and extinguished by...
15 Oct 2018
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A Mechanical Technician was using hydraulic flange spreaders to remove a gasket from pipework during a shutdown. Pre-use checks had been conducted and approved gloves were being worn. He was holding...
07 Sep 2018
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A deckcrew member was securing them by strapping them to a standard wooden pallet. One of the bottles fell, fracturing the valve. This caused a rapid depletion of air and the cylinder was propelled...
03 Aug 2018
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Diesel engines used for offshore power generation should be fitted with a shut off valve that blocks the engines intake system, cutting off both the external fuel source and air required to keep the...
30 Jul 2018
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A section of guardrail weighing 55kgs fell 20m from a long-term disused and hard barriered crane pedestal perimeter walkway to a deck walkway directly below.
21 May 2018
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During the lift, when the hose end was 28m above the bunkering station, the hose parted immediately below the ferrule of the end coupling, allowing the hose to fall from this point. The hose impacted...
14 May 2018
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During routine operation, an audible gas release was detected by a platform operator. The release was investigated and the source was identified as a grease injection fitting on a ball valve. The...
16 Apr 2018
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Global Major Accidents from 1974 to 2013 are used to demonstrate that warning signs were present before the accidents occurred.
26 Mar 2018
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Everybody got angry and Somebody complained that they weren’t receiving Safety Alerts and that it must be Tradebody’s fault, but failed to remember that it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought...
15 Mar 2018