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What’s the difference? Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident, near-miss or good practice. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations which give details of an incident, near-miss or good practice, discussion questions and related resources. Please note that every Safety Alert and Moment is deliberately kept anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No companies, installations, dates or names will be identified within the Alert or Moment.

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During the lift, when the hose end was 28m above the bunkering station, the hose parted immediately below the ferrule of the end coupling, allowing the hose to fall from this point. The hose impacted...
14 May 2018
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During routine operation, an audible gas release was detected by a platform operator. The release was investigated and the source was identified as a grease injection fitting on a ball valve. The...
16 Apr 2018
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Global Major Accidents from 1974 to 2013 are used to demonstrate that warning signs were present before the accidents occurred.
26 Mar 2018
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Everybody got angry and Somebody complained that they weren’t receiving Safety Alerts and that it must be Tradebody’s fault, but failed to remember that it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought...
15 Mar 2018
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2200kg of potential dropped objects were collected, equivalent to the the mass of two small cars.
03 Jan 2018
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An inspector was conducting visual inspection of pipework within the condensate sweetening unit of an onshore gas terminal when he observed some white crystalised product within a small area of An...
05 Dec 2017
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Services team were working a vessel, load handling containers onto the skid deck using a safe hands tool (blind lift). All personnel within the Services team were competent and experienced in...
28 Nov 2017
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During the non-routine transfer of aviation fuel from one tank to another, an overfill of the tank occurred resulting in the release of approximately 0.57kg of aviation fuel through an open vent line...
20 Nov 2017
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During a lift, the storage door had opened which revealed a small tool box inside which was not secured. Investigation Findings / Learning : The Antiluce drop lock had no means of secondary retention...
13 Nov 2017
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The issue relates to the introduction of an obstruction (e.g. a knot) between the painter line and the extension line which prevents the descent device carabiner from passing over and could...
06 Nov 2017