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What’s the difference? Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident, near-miss or good practice. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations which give details of an incident, near-miss or good practice, discussion questions and related resources. Please note that every Safety Alert and Moment is deliberately kept anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No companies, installations, dates or names will be identified within the Alert or Moment.

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During cargo handling operations a cargo carrying unit (CCU) was placed on the moving pipedeck where it was required to be unloaded. When opened, the CCU was found to be a shelved unit containing two...
10 Apr 2017
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During the movement of a manually operated valve the operator moved the valve handle from the horizontal to vertical position. At this point the handle slid from the valve stem and fell to the ground...
03 Apr 2017
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During the flushing operations, the hose became detached at the instantaneous coupling connection point. The sudden depressurisation of vessel caused gas break out from the fluids, oily water,...
20 Mar 2017
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Immediately prior to back reaming a stand of drill pipe that had just been drilled down, the torque tube of the PH85 pipe handler caught on the splines of the upper IBOP causing catastrophic damage...
13 Mar 2017
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During a routine lifting operation from quayside to vessel, whilst attempting to lower a pallet laden with stores through a deck hatch, the load contacted the corner of the hatch, damaging the pallet...
06 Mar 2017
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On day 14-to-15 the work party technician noticed at the end of the shift that his harness was badly damaged. It was reported on site to the client and a 'Time Out for Safety' was called. It...
20 Feb 2017
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During the above process, the gas detector within the turbine enclosure activated. The GPA was activated when the gas detector went into High/High alarm and subsequently shut down the turbine. Snoop...
16 Jan 2017
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Incident 1: A CCU being back loaded from an installation impacted on a container already backloaded, the impact on the CCU caused it to then swing into a safe haven where it caught on the anti-snag...
09 Jan 2017
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Recent incidents involving PSTASS have identified cause of failures to be attributable to accumulated damage (reference previous alert 'Damage to PSTASS Assemblies' Nov 16). A comprehensive parts...
21 Dec 2016
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A 15kg object came through the windscreen. It is thought the object was left on top of a container that came back from offshore and was being transported on a lorry travelling in the opposite...
19 Dec 2016