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What’s the difference? Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident, near-miss or good practice. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations which give details of an incident, near-miss or good practice, discussion questions and related resources. Please note that every Safety Alert and Moment is deliberately kept anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No companies, installations, dates or names will be identified within the Alert or Moment.

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During the unpacking of a 1.5t electrical VSD panel from its transit packaging, the unit fell forward, trapping and tragically killing one of the work party. The unit was contained within an export...
10 Jul 2017
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An individual was walking fairly quickly through the galley. Whilst turning a 90 degree corner, which she did by pivoting on her heel, she lost her footing and slipped resulting in a fall to the...
26 Jun 2017
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During the work scope, the inspection phase required pictures to be taken via an iPad. A technician was looking through the iPad trying to get the right image and was walking backwards to get all the...
06 Jun 2017
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The injured party (IP) was working in the laundry when they put their hand into a dryer (prior to running the cooling cycle) to check if the garments were dry. Whilst doing so, the IP's hand...
30 May 2017
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The pressure control valve was opened by connecting Pidgy tubing straight to the valve actuator from the platform instrument air supply. This was an unregulated air supply from the instrument air...
22 May 2017
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During normal operations a gas leak was detected and traced to the failed valve. The plant was shut down and the valve was removed for further investigation. The investigation revealed that a leak...
15 May 2017
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During the process of applying side liners to the PVC reels, the pneumatic rivet gun used to fasten the liners in place failed when the Operator engaged the trigger. When the components failed the...
08 May 2017
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The plant was made safe. An oil leak was traced to a ¼” diameter hole at the lower end of a pipework elbow. The line was rarely used and had been left stagnant with liquid creating a deadleg...
03 May 2017
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During cargo handling operations a cargo carrying unit (CCU) was placed on the moving pipedeck where it was required to be unloaded. When opened, the CCU was found to be a shelved unit containing two...
10 Apr 2017
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During the movement of a manually operated valve the operator moved the valve handle from the horizontal to vertical position. At this point the handle slid from the valve stem and fell to the ground...
03 Apr 2017