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What’s the difference? Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident, near-miss or good practice. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations which give details of an incident, near-miss or good practice, discussion questions and related resources. Please note that every Safety Alert and Moment is deliberately kept anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No companies, installations, dates or names will be identified within the Alert or Moment.

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During routine plant maintenance routine function testing of SDV, central control room informed the instrument technician that valve had not met its function stroke limits. Valve has been in service...
19 Sep 2016
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The hose winding mechanism on fuel cabinets can breakdown which makes it difficult to rewind the hose back into the cabinet after a refuelling operation. Consequently helideck teams are leaving the...
13 Sep 2016
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We can become 'normalised' or accustomed to seeing situations which are unnecessarily dangerous e.g. damaged / degraded plant or corners cut. Tolerating small defects can lead to major incidents.
08 Sep 2016
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•On the WHP, a well had stopped flowing and was shut-in •To restart the well an operator was asked to vent the topside’s gas from the shut-in well – this routine procedure did not normally need a...
14 Jul 2016
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The chain hoists were left connected to each section. Upon discovery of the chain failures the offshore team stopped the job, made the work site safe and reported the failures to the respective...
29 Jun 2016
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•Printer in the locker room (which doubled as the permit control facility) had been broken for approximately 4 months •OIM was not aware of the issue as he uses an alternative printer
01 Jun 2016
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A piece of angle iron weighing 7.75 kg, used to secure the draw-works exhaust ducting dropped from approximately 12m. The angle iron hit and smashed the re-enforced glass roof of the dog house,...
23 May 2016
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What happened The LCV was not designed for the current flowrates, leading to vibration Vibration caused a crack in the 2’’ line connected to the condensate outlet, Condensate leaked out at ~8 kg/...
18 Apr 2016
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Smoke entered the cabin when one exit was opened. This exit was declared unsafe and immediately closed, resulting in one less emergency exit. Passengers ignored safety protocols and grabbed their...
05 Apr 2016
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The IP first tested the upward function of the board by hoisting the carriage up a couple of feet. When attempting to move the carriage back down, the Sky Locks engaged (still under investigation)...
05 Apr 2016