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Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Toolkit

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This document was developed following an industry drive to reduce the number of hydrocarbon releases occuring on offshore oil and gas installations.  Improving asset integrity performance by preventing all hydrocarbon releases should be a primary goal for all installation operators to both assure safety and also efficient production performance.  This toolkit aims to provide proactive measures and good practices which can target the causes of releases.  

The Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Toolkit provides six tools specifically identified to support a reduction in hydrocarbon releases:

  1. Human factors in hydrocarbon releases;
  2. Hydrocarbon release system database;
  3. Good practice guidance (bolted joints, flexible hoses, small bore tubing, vibration, corrosion management);
  4. Awareness and communication (toolbox talks, safety meetings, inductions, poster campaigns);
  5. Audits (audit, review, feedback questions, checklists);
  6. References and contacts (access to key references and websites).

This document includes the hydrocarbon release checklist. 

Summary:  This document points the way to the industry practices which can be used to reduce hydrocarbon releases. 

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