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HeliOffshore Conference

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The HeliOffshore AGM took place on the 8th - 11th May 2015 and gathered more than 150 leaders from the offshore helicopter industry.   Speaking at the conference, CEO Gretchen Haskins told industry leaders that, with their commitment and collective might, the offshore helicopter industry has the momentum to drive collective aviation safety even higher. 

"Focusing on the priorities that we know will make the biggest difference to safety, together we will meet our obligation to carry people safely to and from their workplaces every day," said Mrs. Haskins. 

"We have the best safety experts in our industry working on the things that will make a real impact in the front line, and when you put that together with the support from the top of each organisations, we can achieve great things."

You can find out more about HeliOffshore on their website

A poignant reminder of the obligation to improve safety is delivered in this short video by offshore worker Paraic Faherty, which was played at the close of the HeliOffshore conference.