Workforce Engagement Toolkit

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The Workforce Engagement Toolkit helps companies measure and improve their levels of workforce engagement at specific worksites, understand strengths and weaknesses and develop improvement action plans. 

You can access the Toolkit here, and download supplementary guidance below.

Workforce Engagement:  A Practical Guide

Workforce Engagement:  Quick-start Guide

Workforce Engagement:  Case Studies

If you have any questions about the Workforce Engagement Toolkit, please email Gillian Simpson.




Getting Started

An Introduction to Workforce Engagement in Safety

An overview of what workforce engagement is, and the benefits of an engaged workforce.


A Culture of Workforce Engagement in Safety

A helpful guide which describes what an engaged culture looks like, and a simple way to achieve it.

Creating the Desire

What does 'workforce engagement in safety' mean?

A poster designed to raise awareness of workforce engagement in your worksite.


Communicating Workforce Engagement in Safety

Suggestions of methods to ensure a shared understanding of workforce engagement.


Self-reflection Checklist

A check-list to assess whether your communiction methods help or hinder engagement.

Running the Survey

How to Complete the Survey at your Worksite

A guide for managers and leaders who plan to run the survey at their worksite.


Running a Survey Completion Session

A guide for those responsible for running the survey at their worksite.

Understanding the Results

How to access your results and what to do with them

A guide on how to access your survey results and how to use them.

Action Planning

Engaging the workforce in action planning

A guide on how to run an action planning session.


Positive behaviours and common obstacles

A summary of positive behaviours and common obstacles which prevent workforce engagement.


Ongoing Implementation

A check-list to ensure the implementation of actions is maintained.