Spring 2022 News Bulletin

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Welcome to the spring update from Step Change in Safety.

As the second quarter of 2022 gets into its stride, the focus of our quarterly safety themes moves to Human Factors and Performance. The subject is an established science that seeks to understand and appreciate how mental and physical limitations can impact on safe working activities. It is set to be an insightful three months as the 12 subtopics are explored.

Our first safety theme of 2022 centred on Process Safety Fundamentals and was well received across the industry. Thanks to our colleagues at IOGP for their support with the campaign.

The final safety theme of the year will concentrate on Mental Health Awareness, a subject that has been brought sharply into focus in recent years. In response, last year we launched a series of five mental health awareness films and an accompanying guidance document that details how individuals can better manage their mental health. The films were highlighted on social media in recent months and offer a powerful first-hand testimony from those working in or associated with the energy industry. All of the files can be downloaded from our website. We hope that they can encourage people to talk honestly with those around them if they are suffering a period of poor mental health.

This year marks 25 years since Step Change in Safety was first established. Its creation was the direct result of the Cullen Report into the Piper Alpha disaster. Launched at Offshore Europe in 1997, Step Change in Safety, with the support of the industry, has made a significant impact in improving safety over the last quarter of a century. This has been achieved through the publication of improved industry guidance documents, fostering a culture of collaboration, sharing and learning, and the involvement of the workforce.

In September, we will be marking the anniversary with an event at P&J Live. Leading up to it we will be highlighting some of the milestones in our history on social media. Please do join that conversation and share your thoughts and memories using the hashtag #SCiS25.

Over the years, the success and impact of Step Change in Safety would not be possible without the contributions of those working in the industry. Our workgroups are made up of individuals from across the industry who help to produce the resources that are published and events that are held. There are currently spaces in some of our workgroups – more details are listed below.

We look forward to working with you all over the coming months as we all strive to continue improving safety across the energy industry.


Steve Rae, Executive Director


Q2 2022: Human Factors and Performance

Human Factors and Performance

With the second quarter of 2022 now upon us, attention turns to our Q2 safety theme, Human Factors and Performance.

Over the course of the next three months the aim is to:

🔺 Understand that human factors is integrated into everything we do

🔺 Identify which areas of human factors require particular attention at your worksite

🔺 Embed human factors into risk awareness.

The subject will be explored through 12 fundamental human factors topics, with attention focusing on one area each week. A range of new and existing resources will support each topic and offer understanding of how human factors can impact safety.

2022 Q2 Human Factors and Performance subtopics

Three Human Factors Forums will be held during the quarter, each one-hour in length and held online. The dates and topics are:

Tuesday, 19 April: Human Factors and Human Performance

Wednesday, 04 May: Human Factors in Accident Investigation

Wednesday, 08 June: Human Factors – Learning from Normal Work

To book your place, visit www.stepchangeinsafety.net/events.

For more information on the 2022 Q2 Safety Theme and to download resources for use in safety meetings and during toolbox talks, visit www.stepchangeinsafety.net/annual-themes-2022-q2/.

Keep up to date with the Q2 Safety Theme by following Step Change in Safety on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Step Change in Safety workgroups

Workgroups are the backbone of Step Change of Safety, drawing on the knowledge and experience of those working in the industry to help improve safety for the entire workforce.

A number of the workgroups are looking for new members to join them and help develop new resources that will contribute to continuing safety improvement across the energy sector. If you would like to play your part in making the energy industry a safer place to work and can devote some time each month to join like-minded individuals on one of our workgroups, then we’d like to hear from you.

Workgroups that are currently looking for additional support are:

🔺 Alerts & Moments

🔺 Joined-up Thinking

🔺 WEST – Workforce Engagement

Each workgroup seeks to raise safety standards, share good practice and communicate facts by developing a range of engaging educational resources. From films, presentations and podcasts, to toolkits, guidance documents and posters, the resources are designed to be shared with colleagues, acting as learning opportunities and provide discussion topics for the workforce.

To find out more about the workgroups, visit the workgroups section of our website and follow the links. If you are interested in lending your expertise to a workgroup, please e-mail info@stepchangeinsafety.net.


OIM Network

OIM Network

Following the launch of Step Change in Safety in 1997, one of the first groups to be set up was the OIM Network. It brought together OIMs from across the oil and gas industry to share experiences and good practice in order to help improve safety. One of the network’s first tasks was the Working Time Guidelines.

The OIM Network was re-established in 2020 and continues to be an important conduit of information between OIMs. It provides a platform where they can learn from colleagues in the industry about good and bad practices, discuss current issues on installations, create and update resources they see as important to their work and challenge onshore leaders to play their part.

Any OIM employed by a Step Change in Safety member company is eligible to join the network and take part in the six virtual meetings it holds each year.

If you are an OIM and would like to join the network, visit the OIM Network workgroup page and click on the link, or e-mail Gillian Simpson. Please share this with colleagues.


Q1 2022: Process Safety Fundamentals

2022 Q1 Process Safety Fundamentals

The first quarterly safety theme of 2022 focussed on the IOGP Process Safety Fundamentals. These 10 principles aim to reduce and eliminate process safety events and are designed to work alongside the Life Saving Rules, which our first safety theme of 2021 had centred on.

Put simply, Process Safety is about keeping hazardous substances in the pipe. For the oil and gas industry, the emphasis is to prevent unplanned releases, especially hydrocarbons, which could result in a major incident.

The aims of the quarter were:

🔺 Know the basic principles that can keep workers safe from Major Accidents

🔺 Understand that Process Safety Fundamentals can be used to raise concerns

🔺 Recognise when these principles are breached and what action to take.

An extensive range of resources related to Process Safety can be download from the website and shared with colleagues. This includes a podcast, videos, safety moments and other materials centred around the 10 Process Safety Fundamentals principles. Alongside this, a series of new and existing videos, presentations, guidance documents and safety alerts and moments have been grouped together.

A new Process Safety Fundamentals e-learning module also launched. It is free for employees of all member companies to use and allows individuals to test their knowledge and understanding of Process Safety Fundamentals.

To browse and download all the resources and access the PSF e-learning module, visit the Process Safety Fundamentals webpage.


Step Change in Safety 25th anniversary

Step Change in Safety 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, at Offshore Europe 1997, Step Change in Safety was officially launched. During that time, we have brought together industry leaders, operators, the supply chain, unions, the regulator and the workforce to create best practice guidelines and ultimately improve safety.

Over the coming weeks on social media, we will be highlighting 25 milestones in the history of Step Change in Safety. From the introduction of the Green Hat Policy in 1997, to the creation of five mental health awareness films and accompanying guidance document last year, Step Change in Safety has been committed to making the UKCS the safest oil and gas province in the world in which to work.

Join the conversation on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as we look back on 25 years of Step Change in Safety and share your memories using the hashtag #SCiS25.

On Thursday, 08 September, we will celebrate 25 years of Step Change in Safety with a special event at P&J Live in Aberdeen. The day will consider highlights from the past 25 years and the improvements to safety that have been achieved in that time and look to the future as Step Change in Safety continues to deliver on the commitments made in 1997. The winners of the 2022 Offshore Safety Awards will also be revealed.

To book your place, visit www.stepchangeinsafety.net/events.


2022 events

Upcoming events in 2022

Our events calendar for 2022 is available view on our website. To view more information on the following upcoming events, click on the hyperlinks:

Tuesday, 19 April: Human Factors Forum

Thursday, 28 April: World Safety Day: Digitisation of Control of Work

Wednesday, 04 May: Human Factors Forum

Nearly all our events and webinars are FREE to attend for employees of our member companies. Visit our membership directory to find out if your employer is a member of Step Change in Safety.

Non-members are welcome to attend some of our events, for which a delegate fee may require to be paid. Please check the event listings to find out if an event is open to non-members.

Visit the events section of our website for further information and to book. If you have any questions, please e-mail info@stepchangeinsafety.net.