Tea Shack News Rebooted – Issue 5 Live Today!

Welcome to the 1st 2024 edition of the award-winning Tea Shack News, written by members of the workforce to cover industry news, safety advice, and the thoughts of those working in the oil and gas industry.

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Issue 5 of Tea Shack News is available now and, in line with our Q1 theme of Prevention of Major Accidents, includes articles on:

🔺 Good Practice: Highlighting Operational Risk Assessments (ORAS) During Site Inductions

🔺 Sleep Smarter…Be Safer

🔺 Understanding Hazardous Area Zones

🔺 Day in the Life of a Construction Execution Specialist

... and more!

Grab the latest issue of Tea Shack News, in print or online, available to read during your work break or at one of our heliport distributors before you head offshore. Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea while you're at it! ☕

The quarterly publication features:

  • Lessons Learned & Best Practice
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Innovation & Ideas
  • Regular Quiz

The publication is championed by the Step Change in Safety Workforce Engagement Support Team (WEST), whose purpose is to support the workforce through proactive engagement to improve safety for the oil and gas industry.

Tea Shack News - We Need You!

We need you to keep the publication fresh, relevant and interesting. Got any ideas or stories you'd like to share with the rest of the industry? Is there anyone you'd like to recognise for being a safety champion?

Contact editor@teashack.news for inclusion in future issues.

Visit https://www.stepchangeinsafety.net/teashack-news/ for further information.