Tea Shack News Is Back! The landmark oil & gas workforce publication makes its return today following a four-year break.

Tea Shack News is written by members of the workforce to cover industry news, safety advice, and the thoughts of those working in the oil and gas industry.

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Issue 1 of the rebooted Tea Shack News is available now and includes articles from Bristows, the HSE and includes a personal perspective from ESR’s on how they view their roles offshore.

The rebooted edition sees the publication brought to life with a new injection of colour, new industry avatars who will become familiar faces, and the news and views that matter to the energy workforce.

The quarterly publication features:

  • Lessons Learned & Best Practice
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Innovation & Ideas
  • Regular Quiz

The publication is championed by the Step Change in Safety Workforce Engagement Support Team (WEST), whose purpose is to support the workforce through proactive engagement to improve safety for the oil and gas industry.

Tea Shack News - We Need You!

Commenting on the return of the publication, Steve Rae, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety says, “For those working offshore, Tea Shack News was always a ‘well kent face’ and a bedrock publication in the industry. Its absence did not go unnoticed and was often mentioned during my ‘Boots on for Safety’ visits offshore. It returns with a new lease of life and an excellent mix of topics and ideas being added to the publication. It now comes fully digitised which makes it accessible via mobile devices as well as from our website. There are interactive quizzes which can be accessed through QR codes so that the workforce can take part via their personal mobile devices. Paper copies can be printed so that they can be picked up and read when WiFi is unavailable.”

Steve continues, “We want to provide something which is educational with an element of fun, but most importantly a platform where the workforce can share their voice across the wider industry. We can all learn from each other so the sharing of information and shining a light on a specific matter which is relevant to a working day/shift or team is important. We also want to recognise the unsung heroes of the industry through our rewards and recognition section as opportunities to do so can be limited. Safety will always remain at the forefront of the publication as we continue to work to positively influence the offshore energy industry’s safety culture.”

We need you to keep the publication fresh, relevant and interesting. Got any ideas or stories you'd like to share with the rest of the industry? Is there anyone you'd like to recognise for being a safety champion?

Contact editor@teashack.news for inclusion in future issues.

Visit https://www.stepchangeinsafety.net/teashack-news/ for further information.