Join the Step Change team and an expert panel of speakers at our event next week to help improve the wellbeing of our workforce

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Join us at our Wellbeing and Safety FREE Member Only Event next Tuesday 📣

An event to help improve the wellbeing of our workforce

🗓️ Tue, 14 Nov - 14:00 - 16:30 - Aberdeen Beach Ballroom

During this FREE event we will cover several aspects of wellbeing with interactive presentations on:

• Mental Health: The Workplace Chameleon 🧠

Brett Townsley of Omniscient Safety Innovations - Brett will explain the ‘chameleon effect’ which many employees adopt as a way of blending into the background. He shares how this impacts the ability to discuss mental health at work while helping people open the door towards psychologically safe places.

• Nutrition: Food - nutrition and comfort offshore 🥬

Leanne King of ESS - It is well known that good food and nutrition are important to sustain good health. This is ever more important in the offshore population where food not only provides us with essential nutrition but also comfort in what at times can be both a mentally and physically challenging time. Leanne will take us through how we can all play our part in improving health and wellbeing offshore.

• Work Environment: Managing fatigue & improving sleep 🛌

Emma Cook of Purely Balanced - A fatigued worker is 61% more likely to have an accident at work then a well rested one. Often tiredness or burn out are down to the fact that we don’t know how to switch off. When we are rested, we feel better, we work better, we are safer, and we are more focused and productive. Emma Cook, the owner and founder of Purely Balanced, will be delivering a practical and helpful fatigue management session to help you sleep better.

• Physical Health: The importance of flexibility 🤸🏻

Gillian Ewan of DNV - Gillian, a Functional Safety Engineer with DNV and also a qualified Pilates instructor, will explain the importance of keeping mobile throughout the day and demonstrate some simple movements which will help you to feel better and reduce risk of injury and day-to-day pain.

We look forward to welcoming you. To book your FREE ticket click here 👉