World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day is celebrated to raise awareness and educate people on mental health matters. At Step Change in Safety we recognise the importance of good mental health in a holistic approach to health, safety and welfare.

Currently the collective mental health of the UK’s workforce is unsettled at best.  In addition to the usual challenges of remote working, the impacts of sustained periods of isolation, extreme levels of anxiety and stress coupled with significant changes to our lives, whether that be loss of loved ones, job losses, financial loss or restrictions on social distancing will mean organisations that wish to survive and thrive post COVID will need to support the needs of their workforce.

Mental Health Awareness Day 10 October 2020 Poster Image Mental Health Org Uk

During World Mental Health Awareness Day, we encourage you to consider:

  • Reflecting on your own mental health
  • Think of minor changes you can make to your routine to improve your resilience
  • Start a conversation with a colleague about mental health

To support our members Step Change in Safety has developed a range of tools to increase awareness and facilitate discussion including:

With current estimated figures of at least 1 in 4 workers presenting a mental health problem expected to rise significantly in the coming months, it's paramount to ensure that employee support including assistance programs be suitable and adequate to cope with the everchanging circumstances. Unfortunately support programs tend to operate in a reactive way, when an employee is already experiencing difficulty in functioning normally. Essentially the adage rings true prevention is better than a cure, if we tackle mental health issues at work in the coping stage, we will have a far greater success rate.

And, as stigma regarding mental health issues still impacts transparency in this we encourage you all to practice openness and honesty which vital in overcoming these barriers.

Mental health awareness week


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