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About Step Change

Step Change in Safety is the UK based partnership with the remit to make the UK the safest Oil and Gas Exploration and Production province in the world. Once achieved, we intend to maintain UK as the safest place to work.

We are charged with achieving this vision through cooperation, collaboration, sharing and adopting of best practices and learnings. This website is a key resource in enabling that sharing and, in the spirit of co-operation, we invite all to use the website to share and contribute regardless of industry or country. Anyone may access all parts of the site and read and download resources, but you will need to register to contribute news items or to take part in the discussion forums.

Visit our steering groups page to find out how Step Change is structured.


Step Change in Safety was founded in 1997 by the Oil and Gas industry trade associations with the aim of reducing all the UK offshore Oil and Gas industry injury rate by 50%.

By 2002 a new vision was created: “The UK is the safest place to work in the worldwide oil and gas industry by 2010” and Step Change moved to operate under the PILOT umbrella.

Membership of Step Change now includes the UK Health and Safety Executive and the Trade Unions. It is this broad stakeholder base that makes the Step Change group effective across the whole industry.

In 2010, we launched our five year Strategic Plan 2010-2015, setting out how we would go about making the UK the safest oil and gas province in the world.

Get involved in Step Change

You can also share your views by logging onto our discussion boards. In addition, you can get involved in the various safety network meetings Step Change hosts throughout the year. Information about these meetings can be accessed on the news and events page.

Alternatively, contact the Step Change Support Team at 01224 577268 or info@stepchangeinsafety.net.