The story of Step Change in Safety

Founded in 1997 by the oil and gas industry trade associations, Step Change in Safety has evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the UK energy industry.

Step Change in Safety was founded in 1997 by the oil and gas industry trade associations.

The original aim was to reduce the UK offshore injury rate by 50%, something which was achieved in 2004.

Over time, Step Change in Safety has evolved and adapted to the changing needs of, and challenges faced by, the UK energy industry. We have embraced new technologies, grown our portfolio of events and supported the industry in equipping its workforce to identify hazards and ensure risk is properly controlled. Together with our members, we are improving safety through engagement, leadership and collaboration.

The following timeline charts the milestones in the evolution of Step Change in Safety, from fledgling organisation to a globally respected champion for the safety of the UK’s offshore workforce.

As technology and the oil and gas industry evolves, so too does Step Change in Safety, ensuring that we continue to address the industry’s safety challenges in the most effective way possible.



Step Change in Safety launched

Deliver a 50% improvement in industry safety performance over the next three years

Green Hat policy


OIM Network


Support team established

ESR Network

Safety Leadership training syllabus

Safety Culture expectations

Look this Way – safety observations system guidelines

Health and Safety Management Systems Interfacing guidance


Changing Minds guidelines

Vantage POB piloted

Best Practice guide to Handling Tubulars


SADIE launched

SPAN Network

OIM Guidance for Offshore Rota and Rest Periods

Leading Performance Indicators guidelines


The UK is the safest place to work in the worldwide oil and gas industry by 2010

Focal Point Network

Green Armband policy

Best Practice guide to Manriding

Understanding SI971 Safety Reps guidance

“Silence is Consent”


Employee Company Induction launched

Fatality Report

Loading Lifeboats during Drills guidance

Leading Performance Indicators updated

Health and Safety Management Systems Interfacing guidance revised


Original target of 50% improvement in industry safety performance was achieved

“It’s Your Choice"


Personal Responsibility for Safety launched

Lifting and Mechanical Handling guidance

Design and Handling of Cargo Baskets guidance

Design and Handling of Chemical Tanks guidance

“Skeleton Sid”


Boots on for Safety launched

Understand SI971 Safety Reps guidance updated

Asset Integrity Toolkit


Step Change in Safety fully funded via membership

Leadership Expectations guidance

Green Hat policy revised

Task Risk Assessment guidance updated

“Consequences” and “Martin’s Story”


Making the UK the safest place to work in the worldwide oil and gas industry

Coaching for Safety guidelines

Safety for Wireline Operations guidance

Step Change in Safety, what you need to know

“Hydrocarbon Release Reduction”


Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Toolkit

Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) launched


50% HCR Reduction Target established

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 established

Human Factors, First Steps guidance

Workplace Health workbook


SI971 Reps on SCLT

Control of Work, Performing Authority standard

Lifting standards updated


Workforce Engagement Toolkit

Assurance & Verification Suite

Mechanical Joint Integrity guidance


Marine Transfer of Personnel guidance

Guidance on Hydrocarbon Release Reduction Plans

“Remembering Piper 25”

50% HCR Reduction Target established

Joined-up Thinking launched


Launch of Human Factors toolkit


Tea Shack News launched

Joined-up Thinking 7Cs packs launched


Introduction of Safe Working Essentials tools

MAH e-learning


WEST webinars launched

Standardised clothing policy for offshore helicopter travel


Launch of Mental Health Awareness courses

Boots on for Safety

Safe Working Essentials version 2 introduced

Competency guidelines

Major Accident Hazard Awareness campaign

Lifting Forum re-established


Steve Rae appointed Executive Director

Safety Rep Essentials launched

Largest ever ESR event held on the 30th anniversary of the SI971 legislation

Major Accident Hazards Understanding workgroup wins Energy Institute Award for Health & Safety

Safe Working Essentials online observation card (E-OBS tool) launched

Eye safety campaign rolled out across industry

Launch of revised Lifting Guidelines

Establishment of Lifeboat Familiarisation workgroup


Re-establishment of OIMs Network

Increased program of Mental Health Champions course


Introduction of Quarterly Safety themes

OIM Network publishes Shutdown/TAR Season resources

Publication of five mental health awareness films



Alerts & Moments

Improving safety through collaboration, learning and sharing experience



Energy industry collaboration to improve workplace safety


Step Change in Safety, 4th Floor, Annan House, 33-35 Palmerston Road, Aberdeen AB11 5QP


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