Remembering Piper Alpha

The night that changed our world

The Piper Alpha Production Platform exploded on the 6th July 1988 in the North Sea, killing 167 men – fathers, sons, brothers, loved ones and colleagues. It remains the world’s worst-ever offshore disaster. Within 2 hours, the Piper Alpha went from being one of the world’s largest oil producers to the burning wreckage. It left just 61 survivors.

Steve Rae, Executive Director here at Step Change in Safety, was on board Piper Alpha that night and knows how fortunate he was to have survived. Steve uses his experience from that night to lead Step Change in Safety and improve safety throughout the oil and gas industry.

In honour of all those who perished that night, we encourage you to take time out to remember and reflect on the importance of remaining vigilant at your worksite, protecting yourself and your work colleagues.

Remembering Piper: The Night that Changed our Lives film

Remembering Piper: The Night that Changed our Lives film was release on the 25th anniversary of the disaster and gives an impactful account of the events of that night, serving to remind us why remaining vigilant, and Playing Your Part is so important.

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Remembering Piper
Remembering Piper
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