We Respect Hazards

One of the ten Process Safety Fundamentals

Incident investigations show that lack of hazard awareness is an underlying cause of many process safety events. It is important that we understand the process safety hazards that we face at our facilities and be aware of the harm they could generate if we lose control of them. Typical hazards include flammable liquids and vapours, combustibles, toxic chemicals, asphyxiants, corrosives, pyrophorics, and high pressure/temperature.

🔺 We improve our understanding of process safety hazards at our location and our roles in controlling them.

🔺 We are vigilant about the potential impacts of uncontrolled process safety hazards.

🔺 We discuss process safety hazards before starting a task.

🔺 We bring forward process safety hazards to be included in activity risk assessments.

PSF We Respect Hazards Video

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