Major Accident Hazards Awareness (Induction film) 2021

Major Accident Hazards Awareness (Induction film) 2021

Major accidents are rare events which have the potential for large-scale loss of life, catastrophic damage to assets or the environment. Major Accident Hazards (MAHs), if not managed effectively, may lead to these low likelihood, high potential events. Therefore it’s important that people working in high hazard industries are aware of these hazards, the barriers that are in place to manage them and how everyone can play their part in ensuring these barriers are healthy.

This Major Accident Hazards Awareness film:

  • describes how an MAH is identified,
  • introduces the bowtie model as a way of visualising the barriers (including Safety and Environmental Critical Elements – SECEs),
  • describes how these barriers are maintained to remain fit for purpose and what everyone can do to play their part to prevent a major accident.

The film is ideal for teaching or reminding personnel about MAHs and could be included as part of an induction.

CAUTION: large file size

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