• Published: 27 Oct 2023

Anaphylaxis from exposure to allergen


Contributing Factor

  • Communication
  • Complacency
  • Competence

Description of Process

Non work related

Description of Incident

  • Prior to site mobilisation, a worker disclosed they had a nut allergy.
  • At site, a food item containing nuts was prepared and frozen. The food was stored in the freezer without any allergen labelling.
  • The Galley team from the next shift plated this item for consumption – it was placed on the same dish as food which had been labelled as free from nuts.
  • The worker had previously eaten this without issue and consumed the item, believing it was safe to eat.
  • The IP had a severe allergic reaction and was immediately treated by the emergency response team, but as his symptoms did not improve, the IP was taken to a hospital onshore for further treatment.


Procedural requirements not met

  • Item using a known allergen prepared by Galley team and placed in freezer without allergen indication
  • Item was not disposed of when identified there was no allergen label
  • The item was not captured in ‘Allergen in Menu’ sheet by Galley team

Training and Competency

  • Staff inadequately trained regarding food safety such as labelling allergens and allergen cross-contamination

Human Factors

  • IP disclosed nut allergy prior to mobilising
  • The placement of food suggested it was nut free
  • IP did not enquire about the allergen content with Galley team prior to consuming the item

Good Practice Guidance

  • Ensure that food prepared considers workers dietary restrictions and allergies
  • Ensure items are correctly labelled
  • If an item is not labelled, treat as if contains allergens or dispose of the item
  • Provide and maintain an Allergen in Menu

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