• Published: 27 Mar 2023

Container door closed - injuring hand

Container door hand injury image
Container door hand injury image

Description of Process

Transferring material between storage containers

Description of Incident

The task was for an individual to transfer materials between storage containers

The doors to the storage container were already open when the IP arrived to unload the materials

As the IP was exiting the container, they grabbed hold of the door frame and at this point , a gust of wind blew the door shut against the IP’s hand

The IP reported to the Medic and was medivac’d to the local hospital for further assessment. where it was confirmed there were no breaks or open wounds, only bruising

and slight swelling.


• container door had not been secured in the open position

• A 20 second scan / Dynamic Risk Assessment could have identified the unsecured door

• A sudden change in weather condition was enough to blow the door shut

Good Practice Guidance

• Whenever working in containers, onshore of offshore, ensure open doors are adequately secured to prevent unplanned movement

• Never place your hands in the line of fire, weather conditions can change in an instant

• Identify and wear the correct PPE - PPE is the last line of defence, the IP’s injury could’ve been more serious had he not been

wearing his

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