• Published: 1 Jun 2016
  • Incident ID: 3953

Fix the Printer - Engagement Moment

Backup Cause & Consequence

Moving machinery or material being machined, Contact with something fixed or stationary, Handling, lifting or carrying, Other

Backup Contributing Factor

Change management, Communication, Complacency, Control of work

Description of Process

•After their worksite visit, guys had to remove coveralls and climb two flights of stairs to print permit
•They felt pressure to rush their toolbox talk and get to the worksite
•At a safety meeting, the OIM asked what could be done to improve morale
•One guy said “fix the f&@*$£g printer”. What a revelation!!

This seemingly trivial issue had potentially serious safety consequences

Description of Incident

•Printer in the locker room (which doubled as the permit control facility) had been broken for approximately 4 months
•OIM was not aware of the issue as he uses an alternative printer

Good Practice Guidance

•Availability of computers and printers can be an important contributor to your control of work arrangements

•Trivial issues can have non-trivial consequences

•Have regular conversations to ensure that appropriate issues can be raised to someone who can take action
•Don’t assume someone else has raised the issue – speak up
•Ensure timely feedback is given on the issues raised
•If an issue is having an effect on safety, raise it with your Elected Safety Rep

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