• Published: 19 Oct 2023

Job stopped safely: safe working load limits exceeded

Job stopped safely safe working load limits exceeded
Job stopped safely safe working load limits exceeded

Description of Incident

Work was stopped during the practical evaluation portion of rigger training in an onshore industry. It was discovered that the application of eye-nuts were not consistent with their intended use. The task was to install rigging and lift a something using a 4-leg bridle chain with adjustable length legs. The attachment points, for the 4-leg bridle chain to the load were four machined eye-nuts (see illustration).

A student questioned the safe working load limit of the 1/2" eye-nut, which was assumed to be installed by the manufacturer of the item being lifted. After researching the eye-nut, a note was found accompanied with the load chart stating that the eye-nut installed was “for in-line picks only." At that point, work was stopped.

The rigging plan to be used involved rigging on the eyenuts at a 60° angle. Not only were the eye-nuts not being used as intended, but additionally when picking with sling-angles, load capacities are reduced, which would have put the eye-nuts above their safe working load limit.

An alternate load was lifted in this case for training purposes.

This incident, though it is not from within the membership, was passed onto IMCA by a member.

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