• Published: 10 Jun 2021

Potential dropped object identified during rope access operations

PDO identified during rope access ops
PDO identified during rope access ops

Description of Incident

Whilst completing equipment checks via rope access on an offshore installation, a Technician noticed a potential dropped object (PDO) at a height of approximately 10 meters. The object was still attached, but was easily removed by hand, and could have dropped to the deck below.

The object, a piece of heavily corroded ladder rack, was approximately 1 meter in length and weighed 3kg. Using the Drops calculator, this indicates that if the object had fallen and struck somebody it would have likely resulted in a fatality.

The area below the object was not a walkway, so the likelihood of anyone being below would be low, however the potential for personal harm and equipment damage is still significant.

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Good Practice Guidance

  • Complete regular dynamic risk assessments / 20 second scans to identify potential hazards
  • If you identify potential hazards, raise them for rectification and / or stop the job
  • Ensure a systemic process of PDO identification and removal is in place at your site and consider areas that might not be immediately accessible and visible

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