• Published: 8 Mar 2013
  • Incident ID: 3464

Uncontrolled lowering of load

Cause & Consequence

  • Collapse, overturn or failure of lifting equipment
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity

Lifting, crane, rigging, deck operations

Lessons Identified

Crane being used in Lift From Supply Vessel (LFSV) mode.

Crane hydraulic pressure system decayed to zero when Framo tripped.

Framo system restored whilst in LFSV mode – brake released by design in this mode.

Combination of position of ELLS (Emergency load lowering system) flow control valve & inherent oil leakage within motor allowed winch motor to descend faster than expected.

Incident Recommendations

  1. Evaluate and revise training, add assessment module and roll out to all Crane Operators.
  2. Create operating and emergency procedures. Incorporate suspended load exercises into HSSEQ plan
  3. Consider LFSV mode change to automatic.
  4. Hasten delivery of new crane Operating Manuals.
  5. Assess the close out effectiveness of Maersk engineering change procedure
  6. Carry out a reliability review of the Framo System.

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